Prompts for writing

I have often found inspiring students to write creatively – to really want to write – particularly Sisyphean. Often, I try to get them to write ‘in the style of’ an author we are studying; some of my current Year 9s are making valiant efforts to recreate Susan Hill’s style.

However, what I have often found can be useful is to use a video or image prompt. Therefore, and in no way indicative of my wish to put off the inevitable assessment marking I *should* be doing, I offer the following prompts. As I mentioned on Twitter (if you follow me), they are all shamelessly pilfered from the internet, and I have not yet properly credited any of the images/videos. Be assured, they all popped up quite easily when I Goog’d such banal phrases as ‘amazing pictures of Earth’, or ‘inspirational drone videos’.

Enjoy – and if you’ve any lovely videos or images you have had great results with, please do share them!

Dropbox link here



I’ve also had great fun (in the past using it for Controlled Assessment) with this exract from 28 Days Later. Someone somewhere along the line did some tinkering which cut the nudey-rudey bit from the start, making it suitable for all year groups. Hint: watch it first yourself. It’s jumpy!

Prompts for writing

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