World Book Day 2015

This post is an outline of what I will be doing on World Book Day within my role as KS3 Co-ordinator. In my usual way, I have run and run with a project (mainly for my own amusement) and decided to make it ‘World Book Week’ – but I must make it very clear from the outset that I have begged, borrowed and stolen almost all of the ideas below from people much cleverer and more creative than me. Particular thanks must go to Jo Facer (@readingthebooks) whose blogs on assemblies I have totally plundered.

Here is the assembly I will be running this week:

Whole school ideas:

I have asked all staff to change their email signatures to reflect what they are currently reading – I have always done this myself but wanted to make it a focus for the week. (If you’re interested – ‘The Shallows (Nicholas Carr) and ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs).)The fab Shorny (@shornymalcolmson) had the idea to go one stage further and put a link to the book on Amazon into this.

We are also running a ‘Who’s Reading’ competition; around the library there are various posters of teachers holding their faces behind their favourite books – cue hilarity today as I overheard some Year 8s discussing who might be who… On World Book Day itself, I have also asked all staff to prepare a slide to replace their ‘think-start’ or ‘final thought’ activity for every lesson in which they talk, briefly, about the book which made them want to teach their chosen subject. The rationale behind this is to foster a discussion on subject-related books – it’s been my experience all-too-regularly that students see reading as a) ‘something we do in English’ or b) ‘just textbooks and stuff’. I am hopeful that this will open students’ eyes to the variety of books they could be reading: Sports stars biographies; Sci-fi fiction; biographies of artists, musicians or fashion designers; historical dramas…

My own slide will be this: tbt

I have also hooked up with the fab @mrstaveley to produce this epic World Book Day quiz, and will be handing out prizes to the winning house…

When I put a message on Twitter a couple of weeks ago asking what people were doing for WBD, @OxfamEducation got in touch to share the fab ‘Message In A Book’ – the link to which is here. All our Year 7 and 8 lessons this week have been given over to researching the work Oxfam do, and writing inspirational and persuasive messages to go into books in our local Oxfam bookshop. We are also collecting books to donate, and I am in the process of organising a ‘handover’ with a small group of students in a week or so.

…..and of course yes, even though I have a particular dislike of fancy dress, I will be wearing an ‘Undesirable Number One’ sweater… (in mitigation, this photo was taken at my 30th birthday party a few weeks ago. I was a little bit excited).


Once again, a huge THANK YOU to the people who have so kindly shared their ideas – apols if I have not name-checked anyone.

I am, of course, keen to magpie others’ ideas – and if you use any of the resources provided here, I would love to know how they went down.

Happy reading!

World Book Day 2015

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